At Beautiful Spa Club we create special packages for you.

Here they are for you

Spa day

Relaxing spa day for one or two people with romantic spa option.

Body massage.
Facial massage.
Stone massage.
Facial express.
Music therapy and aromatherapy.
Fruit infusion drink.
(The romantic plan option will carry decoration).
Time: 1 hour 30 min.

Body slimtreatment

2 months of reducing treatment (12 appointments, 6 sessions per month) this includes:

nutritional guide, Russian currents, cavitation, radiofrequency, vacumotherapy, thermotherapy,
cryotherapy, lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, massage, maderotherapy, thermal blanket

Friends Spa

Relaxing massage.
Facial massage.
Facial with chocolate therapy.
Stone massage.
Music therapy.

Teeth whitening

Has wine and food darkened your teeth? Are you or have you been a smoker?
The LED teeth whitening is a non-invasive dental aesthetic treatment that does not damage your teeth
and allows you to show off a beautiful and attractive perfect smile, because it is one of the best dental
aesthetic treatments to return the lost white to your smile. With a price affordable, it is not necessary to
repeat it if good hygiene habits are followed and, of course, it is a procedure
Completely safe for your oral health.

Corporate Spa

Beautiful spa club offers a wellness program to improve the working conditions of its workers which
includes: facials, massages and reflexology, the time of service per person is possible be from 10
minutes to 1 hour and it is possible to serve more than 30 people in a day with the service of several

Spa Party

Designed for those who want a birthday celebration, anniversary, mother or father's day dates. This
service includes: decoration and atmosphere according to the celebration. Relaxing massage with facial hydration.                  Manicure and pedicure blower and simple makeup (ladies). Barber service (men), music therapy, aromatherapy.                             Jacuzzi. Cake and wine celebration, breakfast or lunch or dinner, according to schedule. Surprise gift. 

Our offers

Special prices for young students and blue days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).
Permanent specials in body treatments.
Hairdresser days offer blue (washing, brushing, manicure opi) (full hair removal)

Nail bar days blue (basic manicure two for one) blue days and cocktails two for one.

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